iRead : The book delivery service from M.D.GUNASENA


“iRead” : Order your book via 071 999 7117 and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep !

Reading books in the form of hard copy has been challenged by kindles and e-book readers. But that has never meant the end of the hard copies (at-least for now) ! It always feels good to hold a book in your hand and read (with all the bookmarks and stuff !) 🙂

Coming to my topic, M.D.Gunasena, a well-known book seller in Sri Lanka has a pretty good book delivery service called “iRead” (within Colombo limits). All you have to do is call their dedicated hotline on 071 999 7117 and order your book. That’s it  ! The book will be delivered to your door-step if it’s within 20km limit from Fort. But note that it will take 3 working days for them to process your order and they charge and extra Rs.50 on top the price of the book, as a service fee. It’s really good to see such services in Sri Lanka, where a particular branch of a book store may not have a book you look for and you may have to visit different places searching for it.

I recently wanted a book by Robin Sharma to be gifted. So I went to the M.D.Gunasena branch in Hill Street, Dehiwala all the way from Beruwala. I went there because I had already purchased one of Robin Sharma’s books at the same place. But this time they didn’t have it. They were having a different “collection” of his books and they said it’s the same with other branches. But the staff gave me the detalis on their delivery service and told that I can get the book if they have it at their stores.

So I contacted the hotline (071 999 7117) and gave the details. They contacted me after 2 days and told that the book is ready. But since I was in Beruwala, they gave the option of sending it to their Kalutara branch. But I opted to collect it directly at their Head Office in Pettah. It was quite convenient for me since it was hassle free and the book was ready at the cashiers when I went there. So give it a try guys ! 🙂